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Our Packages

14 Day Package


14 day package of the best plays
anywhere on the net. Info will be emailed
or texted on a daily basis.

Monthly Package


Full month of the best information
anywhere on the net. Info will be emailed
or texted on a daily basis.

High Roller


3 Game Package with a Guarantee.
(These Plays Are Not Included in Any
Other Package)

Season Pass


For Every Play and Every Sport
Through SuperBowl.

Day Pass


For a Full Day of Picks.
Every Play, Every Sport.

Our Background

We have been gambling all our life; We started out as losers just like everyone else. One day we decided to stop losing and try to find the biggest winners on the planet. We moved around from Costa Rica, Panama, Curacao, and many other places in search of winning sports bettors. What we found is there are a select few individuals and groups that really do win at sports betting. Having an office in the same building as the biggest and sharpest book around we learned how to win, and more importantly, who to follow.

Our Support Team

We have ticket writers at every major sportsbook in Central and South America paid off to send us the plays of the top 1% winners at their book. We also have a team of 4-5 guys watching every single game, reading all Newspapers/Twitter boards to find the latest injury info. We hired a computer professional to spit out numbers on every game. Armed with this info has made us unbeatable! EVERY guy in that room must agree on a play for us to release it as a High Roller bet.

Our Winning Philosophy

Our weekly roundtable includes the sharpest minds in the world, guys that work around the clock to find winners. We all give our best bets of the week and when we all line up on one game it’s time to FIRE, that play becomes a High Roller bet, these games are feared around the country.

Reason for Selling Picks

Many of our clients ask why do we need to sell picks? The short answer is we do not need to sell picks, the better answer is we are having trouble betting the amounts we are looking for. We are trying to bet Six Figures on these games and each year, we get kicked out of sportsbooks, we get limits slashed on a weekly basis. You can equate it to a blackjack player who gets banned for card counting, they just refuse our action and we are pissed off about it!! We are here to CRUSH the bookmakers and you are going to help us do that while making money.


We are a sports betting consultant business. Our purpose is to help our members to become sharp bettors who consistently profit on sports betting. We provide industry leading Premium picks built on superior knowledge and experience that we back ourselves. NO other handicapping service offers this.
A pick is a recommendation that we provide for you to use in placing a sports bet. A pick is synonymous with the words ‘play’, ‘tip’, ‘bet’ and ‘trade’ in the context of sports betting.
This is commensurate to how much sports betting you partake. If you trade often, then the Monthly or Season packages will be most suitable. If you seek to lock in a profit and approach sports betting as an investment or income-generating venture, the Highroller membership is ideal.
Our dominance of the industry relies on the rigorousness and thorough work ethic we boast. We are highly detail oriented and incorporate all relevant and pertinent data into our picks, which are then published at least 2 hours prior to the starting time of the event.


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